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Growing in Christ begins with your Next Step!

Life at Coram Deo Bible Church goes beyond weekend worship. It’s about ministering to our families, our communities, and each other. There’s so much happening here—we want to make it easy for you to meet people and find out all our church has for you and your family. There’s no better time than now to take your next step of connection. Click on the tabs below for more information regarding each step, then get started with Step 1.

Step 2

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Learn the essentials of making Coram Deo your church home with Step 2. Registration required.

Upcoming Opportunities

More about membership

Why Membership?

In a society where few make commitments and even fewer keep them, membership helps strengthen our bond, deepen our unity, and increase our dependability. It moves us out of the vague realm of good intentions and into the clear light of participation in the body of Christ.

Watch Pastor Rob's sermon, "Biblical Principles for the Church," for more:

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Requirements for Membership

  • Profess Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior — Our foundation for belonging together.
  • Be baptized as a believer — The precedent and example of Scripture. Click here to learn more about baptism at Harvest Davenport.
  • Attend Step 2 — This membership pre-requisite class is offered the second weekend of every month. View the Step 2 tab above for upcoming opportunities.
  • Watch Pastor Rob's sermon on church membership — "Biblical Principles of the Church"
  • Complete a Membership Application — Includes your testimony and membership commitments.
  • Read through and complete the Membership Booklet — Includes everything you need to know about the purpose behind membership at Coram Deo Bible Church.
  • Meet with a Pastor or Elder — We want to get to know you!
How to Apply for Membership
Through membership, we’re saying to one another, “Not only can you count on me, but I want to be counted on. I want to be as involved in God’s work here as I possibly can.” If that describes you, we would encourage you to apply for membership through the following:

  1. Pray about it.
  2. Attend Step 2, and complete any other outstanding requirements listed above.
  3. Return your completed Membership Application and Our Membership Booklet to the Information desk or the church office. You will receive a Membership Packet during Step 2 containing the appropriate forms. Additional copies are available at the Information Desk.
  4. Once we've received your application and booklet, our staff will be in touch to schedule a "Get to Know You" meeting with a Pastor or Elder.


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