Volunteer Opportunities - Master List


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Kids Club 2020-21 Calendar

View the special events planned and meeting schedule for Kids Club for the 2020-2021 ministry year.

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High Five 2019 Highlights

Watch highlights from High Five 2019.

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Front of House (FOH) Operator

The Front of House Operator is responsible for mixing the service or event on the sound board.

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Graphics Operator

The Graphics Operator controls all content displayed on the screens during our services or events.

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Video Director

The Video Director directs the Video/Camera Operators in shot selection and mixing those together for the final product during our services and events.

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Video/Lighting Operator

The Video/Lighting Operator controls one of the remote cameras to follow the action on stage, record the services, and advances light cues at the appropriate times during our services or events.

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Camera Operator

The Camera Operator controls two of the remote cameras under the direction of the Video Director, as well as controls the Live Stream during our services and events.

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Service Director

The Service Director oversees various service details and assists the Teaching Pastor as needed.

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Photography Team

Photography Team volunteers assist in capturing images of special events, services, and moments within our church.

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