How to Receive Help from Our Compassion Ministry

If you have come on hard times and need a little extra help—whether financial, emotional, or otherwise—please seek out help from our Compassion Ministry. To share your situation, come to the office and fill out a Compassion Application. We will get you connected with someone on our Compassion Team to assess your need and how we can help. 

What to Expect

The following will give you an idea of what you can expect (and not expect) when seeking help from our Compassion Ministry. A basic timeline for receiving help is also included (to be used as a guideline only).

Our Compassion Team will...

  • Show love and compassion
  • Get to know you
  • Speak into your life with God’s truth
  • Develop a plan to help you do what you need to do to get back on your feet
  • Personally meet with you (either in-person or by phone)

Basic Timeline for Help

  • Week 1: We'll assign your request to a team member
  • Week 2: You'll meet or speak with your assigned team member
  • Week 3: You'll have a second meeting with your team member to discuss your action plan

What NOT to Expect

  • Money – some will receive financial help, but no monetary gain is guaranteed
  • Immediate Answers – the process can take up to three weeks

Meet Our Team