Small Groups

The Purpose of Small Groups:

To create a context of authentic relational community for the sake of discipleship

What are Small Groups?

Small groups are more than friend, interest, or support groups. More than just having a place to belong, small groups are a community of people who are committed to the same goal. We want to connect relationally so we can grow spiritually. Walking alone as a believer prevents one from having the encouragement we all need; the prayer we depend upon; the accountability to stay the course; or the example of how to follow Jesus. Our hope and prayer at Coram Deo is that our small groups will provide all of this and more for our people.

Consider Small Groups

If you are interested in joining a small group, we ask that you attend a Consider Small Groups class. During this 30-minute class, you will hear more about how a small group operates, the commitment necessary to join one, and next steps to getting connected to a small group. Consider Small Groups is offered the third Sunday of every month at 11:00am.


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Small Group Questions

Small Group Questions are meant to guide discussion, growth, and accountability for small groups who want to use the current sermon series as their weekly meeting topic. It is available weekly as a downloadable PDF.

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