Coram Deo Kids

The Purpose of Children's Ministry:

To partner with parents in the discipleship of children according to the instruction of God's Word



Who We Are

Coram Deo Kids provides biblical teaching and vibrant worship during weekend services and midweek ministry for children ages birth through 5th grade. Children will grow in their relationship with Christ through the context of small groups where they will pray together, memorize Scripture, and learn to apply the Bible to their lives.

Wellness Policy

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Construction on our south end build-out and Children's Ministry expansion has begun! We are thrilled at the opportunities this will provide for discipling more children for Christ, but we still need some help reaching our financial goal. Will you join us?

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We are safely resuming Children's Ministry (for birth–4th grade and Bridge) during our services starting Sunday, September 13! Children's Ministry will be temporarily meeting on the north end of our building. Parents, please plan on using the north entrance to check your children into their classrooms.

Classroom Map


TUESDAYS • 6:30–8:00PM • Registration Opens August 14

Kids Club is a free weekly gathering on Tuesday nights during the school year (September – April) that allows kids 3 years old through 5th grade to come together for scripture memorization, learning Biblical truths, worshiping in song, and having a blast.

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Children's Weekend Ministry

We offer ministry to babies and children from birth through 4th grade during each of our weekend services. Each month, our teaching focuses on one biblical truth which invites kids to live out their new understanding of how to grow in relationship with God and others.

Meeting Times:
Resumes September 13, 2020
9:00 & 11:00am

**Due to construction on the south end, Children's Ministry will be temporarily meeting on the north end of the building.

Bridge Preteen Ministry

Bridge is an intentional class held during weekend services specifically designed for 5th and 6th graders. Students learn the basics of our faith and are challenged to grow in their faith. As they do, they bridge the gap from being a child of Christ to a growing disciple of Christ.

Meeting Times:
Resumes September 13, 2020
9:00 & 11:00am

**Due to the revised structure of our services during COVID-19, Bridge will resume September 13 and will meet for the entire duration of the service. Bridge will be held in the Gym.

Kids Club Midweek Ministry

Kids Club is a free weekly gathering on Tuesday nights during the school year (September – April) that allows kids 3 years old through 5th grade to come together for scripture memorization, learning Biblical truths, worshiping in song, and having a blast! Registration is required.

Meeting Times:
Begins September 15, 2020
Tuesdays (September – April)

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High Five Summer Day Camp

High Five is a week-long summer day camp jam packed with crazy fun activities, energetic worship, and lots of learning about Christ. All incoming 1st–5th graders are welcome!

Save the Date:
June 14–18, 2021

Parent Commitment / Child Dedication

We count it a privilege to partner with parents in the spiritual development of their children. If you have a child age birth through 5 years old and would like to dedicate them to the Lord, we encourage you to participate one of our Parent Commitment / Child Dedication (PCCD) services.

Next Opportunity:
Spring 2021

**Parents are required to complete the Principles of Godly Parenting class prior to participating in PCCD.

Principles of Godly Parenting Class

Parents, knowing who you are in Christ, recognizing God’s grace in your parenting journey, and parenting with the long-view in mind is essential to building a solid foundation in the heart and mind of your little one. If you are expecting or are parents of children ages birth through 5 years old, we'd love for you to join us for this 3-week discipleship course.

Next Opportunity:
Spring 2021

**This course is required for participation in Parent Commitment / Child Dedication

Experience Kids Weekend

Parents, come and see what your child experiences during Coram Deo Kids on the weekend! Experience Kids Weekend invites parents to join their child during large group teaching, and then enjoy a time of fellowship with the Children’s Ministry staff where you’ll learn practical ways to incorporate discipleship within your home.

Next Opportunity:
Resumes in 2021

Pre-K Mondays

Moms, join us for Pre-K worship and teaching with your child (ages 3–5). This is a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with other moms, experience your child’s weekend worship and teaching, and be equipped with tools to disciple your child at home.

Next Opportunity:
Resumes in 2021

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Weekend Curriculum & Parent Cues

Parents, engage in what your child is learning at Coram Deo Kids on the weekends! Watch this video to see an overview of our current children's curriculum. Then download our weekly Pre-K and Grade School Parent Cues to help engage them in conversation and continue their learning at home. Parent Cues are updated weekly.

Pre-K     Grade School

Printables for Weekend Services
Use these printable resources to keep your little ones engaged during adult weekend services.

Click the images below to download each activity. Resources are updated on Fridays by 5pm.



Friday Family Devo

Existence of God


Join us for another round of Friday Family Devo! We are starting our new series on Apologetics. Listen in as our Children's Director Erin Jewell takes us through our first topic of Existence of God!

Action Steps:

  • Remind kids that “without God, there would be nothing” to emphasize that God is the ultimate cause of everything. (COSMOLOGICAL ARGUMENT)
  • Show your preschooler an image of the universe. Talk about how big it is, and how it shows us how powerful God is based on what He has made. (DESIGN ARGUMENT)
  • Give your kids several scenarios and ask them to determine what is right behavior vs. wrong behavior. They will most likely get the answer right even without personal experience. Explain it’s because God has put those rule in our hearts. (MORAL ARGUMENT)
Grade School
  • If you were to ask God one question, what would it be and why?
  • What amazes you about God the most?
  • What doubts do you have about the existence of God?
Weekly Discipleship: Pre-K Digital Lessons
Monthly Featured Worship Song
Lesson Activity Pages:

(Updated Weekly)

Leapers & Toddlers

Weekly Discipleship: Grade School Digital Lessons
Check back each week for new lessons!





At-Home Activities

KIDS! Complete and return any of the printable items below to Coram Deo Kids for a prize!

Family Discipleship
  • Challenge kids to do some spring cleaning at home – this is a way to honor parents and share in Jesus’ work of making things new
    • Write an encouraging letter to someone
      • Pastors, Medical & Emergency Personnel, Teachers, Firefighters, Police, Garbage Collectors, Neighbors
      • Include a coloring page
      • Contact Shelby at  to be matched with older attenders of Coram Deo Bible Church
    • Video-call grandparents or elderly friends from the church
    • Encourage kids to lead their own prayer ministry
    • Access the Coram Deo website for a list of local and global outreach partners and commit to pray for one each day
    • Children’s Resources from Joshua Project
    Parent Resources






    Do you have a desire to help reach the next generation for Christ? We'd love to have you join our leadership team! From teaching to worship to behind the scenes, we have something for everyone looking to serve in Children's Ministry.

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