The Purpose of Coram Deo Outreach:

To connect with people who are disconnected from God in our neighborhoods, in our city, in our nation, and in our world

Who We Are

Striving to make Jesus known locally and globally

Coram Deo Outreach offers opportunities for the church to serve and witness to those outside the four walls of our building as we seek to be a light for Jesus and spread the Gospel to an unbelieving world. We partner with local organizations doing God's work within our community, as well as global partners working to advance His Kingdom around the globe.

Explore this page to learn more about ways you can get involved through serving, praying, giving, or even going!

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Ways to Get Involved

Serve locally in our community or globally through short-term missions

Williams JH Food Pantry


Twice a month during the school year, we partner with River Bend Foodbank to host a food pantry for Williams Junior High School.

Local Outreach


Looking to serve within our community? Connect with our Local Outreach Partners and be a part of the Kingdom work they're doing!

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If no trips are listed, please check back at a later date. Trips typically take place during the summer.

Local Outreach Partners

Witness the work of ministry within our community

God is doing amazing things through our local partners in the Quad Cities. They are daily sharing the love of Jesus while meeting the tangible needs of those within our community. Would you join us in praying for these partners? In addition to prayer, consider donating to their efforts or volunteering your time to serve.

Follow the link below to discover more about each of our local partners.

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Global Missions

Partner with us in global missions by praying, giving, or going

Our Sent Partners are those raised up and sent out by Coram Deo for the purpose of taking the Gospel to unreached people groups around the world. Would you join us in praying for and supporting our Sent Partners?

Want to be Sent?

Are you feeling called to enter the missions field? Contact our Outreach Ministry at (563) 359-5333 to learn more about our sending process.

Josh & Ally

Josh & Ally were Coram Deo's first Sent Partners. After finishing their training at Radius International, Josh & Ally entered the field in 2019. They are currently serving to bring the Gospel to unreached people in North Africa.

Donations given in support of Josh & Ally can be made through Pioneers. Please be sure to use Account #112884.

Support Josh & Ally

Ben & Christina

Ben & Christina graduated from Radius International's pre-field training program in 2022. They are currently in the United States while Ben completes a 1-year theological studies degree prior to Ben & Christina entering the field.

Donations given in support of Ben & Christina can be given through Coram Deo's Radius Fund using our online giving platform. Please be sure to select "Radius Fund" as the fund designation for your gift.

Support Ben & Christina

Kevin & Amanda

Kevin, Amanda, and their daughter, Aubrienne, desire to bring the Bible to a Bibleless people group in West Africa. Kevin plans to serve as a Translation Facilitator to help translate the Bible into the local language of the people. As Scripture is translated, both Kevin & Amanda look forward to sharing God’s Word with people in discipleship relationships and to seeing lives transformed through God’s Word in the local language.

Support Kevin & Amanda

John & Jamy

John & Jamy work with Pioneers supporting more than ten teams in two South East Asian countries. These current teams and others in development focus on church planting among unreached people groups. From their home base in Nevada and frequent trips overseas, John & Jamy support these teams through member care, mentoring, accountability, training, and leadership development. They further assist the teams by helping enlist new members, and by fostering communication with local sending and supporting churches.

Donations given in support of John & Jamy can be made through Pioneers. Please be sure to use Account #112875.

Support John & Jamy

About Radius International

Radius International trains singles, couples, and families who are committed to long-term, pioneer church planting among unreached language groups. Radius students acquire spiritual, relational, emotional, and moral maturity, as well as the physical stamina that will enable them to survive the rigors of cross-cultural living.

Coram Deo partners with Radius International for the purpose of training up and equipping our Sent Partners prior to their entering the field.

Explore Radius

Radius Day

Radius Day is an opportunity to see Radius International up close and personal during an on-site visit. While on campus, you will hear from their instructors, staff, students, and alumni. You'll become informed about the methodologies, philosophies, and missiology being taught, and will get a chance to see what training in a cross-cultural setting will do for the long-term church planter.

If you are interested in attending Radius Day, please contact our Outreach Ministry at (563) 359-5333.

Explore Radius Day

Radius Fund

Coram Deo's Radius Fund is designated to help pay for the cost of tuition for any future students our church would send to Radius International to be trained up and sent out.

Gifts can be given to the Radius Fund using our online giving platform. Please be sure to select "Radius Fund" as the fund designation for your gift.

Give to the Radius Fund

Our Global Partners are those we partner with in an effort to advance God's Kingdom around the globe. Would you join us in praying for and supporting our Global Partners?

Impact Ministries

Located in Guatemala, Impact Ministries seeks to train Guatemalans for leadership by teaching biblical principles in such a way that they become integrated into their lives and effect spiritual change in their society, and to impact North American Christians for world missions. Schools, orphan care, churches, and medical aid are just a few of the areas where Impact Ministries seeks to grow, support, and equip within the region.

Coram Deo frequently partners with Impact Ministries on short-term missions trips. Through our Coram Deo Kids offering, we also support a class of students at Impact's Vida Elementary School Purulhá.

Support Impact Ministries
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James & Renata

James & Renata are currently serving at the Saint Paul Cultural Center in Turkey. Through the SPCC, they also serve with Olive Grove, a Christ-centered, English-speaking holiday adventure designed for children and youth who are impacted by multi-cultural influences. Olive Grove's purpose is to provide children and youth ages 8–18 with unforgettable opportunities and challenges to grow as individuals, friends, and followers of God.

Support SPCC
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Romania Outreach Ministries

Romania Outreach Ministries is a non-profit organization that is involved in education, pastoral care, church construction, youth camps, and relief work in Romania. It was founded by Pastor Arne & Carolyn.

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Alan & Aimee

Alan & Aimee are currently serving the Lord in Europe. Donations given in support of Alan & Aimee can be made through Pioneers. Please use Account #111798.

Support Alan & Aimee

Tony & May

Tony & May are currently serving the Lord in Asia.

Joshua Project

42% of the world's population has yet to hear the Gospel. Join us in praying for these unreached people groups. Learn more about unreached people groups at joshuaproject.net.

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Prayer Resources & Ideas

  • 10:02 Prayer – Luke 10:2 encourages us to pray for God to raise up laborers for the harvest. Set your smartphone alarm for 10:02 everyday to pray for more workers to be sent out to the nations.
  • Prayercast – Watch prayer videos for individual countries in your quiet time, with your family before a meal, or during your family devotion time on a regular basis. There is also a Prayercast app.
  • Operation World – Operation World has a great websitebook, or daily email in which you can pray for a country a day throughout the year. They also have a kid-friendly version called Window on the World.

Church Plants & Sent Pastors

Equipping and Sending

We are passionate about equipping and sending out pastors to plant and lead churches as we seek to fulfill The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). Would you join us in praying for our church plants and sent pastors?

Church Plants

Sent Pastors

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