Smartphones 101

Coram Deo Kids

Smartphones 101

March 22 & 23

Smartphones are awesome, but they open up an entire world (of really ugly stuff) to your kids. What can you do to prepare them for what they will encounter? This 2-day interactive class will help parents and their 4th–8th graders talk about the importance of navigating the safety and impact of smartphones. Instruction will be video-based with breaks for parent/child discussion.

Whether you're preparing your child for their first smartphone or you want to "reel in" your teenager whose smartphone habits are getting out of control, you need a plan. As you and your kids work through Smartphones 101 together, it will tee up the critical conversations you need to have about "the basics of smart phone use." 

Event Schedule:
  • Friday, March 22 • 6pm–9pm
  • Saturday, March 23 • 9am–12pm

Cost is $10 per family. Snacks will be provided.

Video instruction provided by Barrett Johnson with I.N.F.O. for Families.

Registration ends March 20

Event Coordinator Brittany Rogers

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