Stewardship Commitments

Our Stewardship Commitments

Explore the below to learn more about our stewardship commitments for financial integrity.


We will do what we say, say what we do, and use all funds according to the purpose for which they are received. We will be truthful in our communication and accurate in our reporting.


Upon request, we will provide any member in good standing with the most recent audit report of our finances and controls. We will also meet with any member in good standing to explain our budget and answer any questions. For regularly attending non-members, we will meet with them upon request to discuss our finances.


We will enlist the services of an independent, outside, certified public accounting firm to audit our finances and controls on an annual basis.


We will maintain standard CPA controls and practices to ensure proper handling and recording of all funds.


We will comply with all federal and state regulations and laws in both receiving and disbursing funds. This includes end-of-year giving statements.


The Elder Board will review our finances on a regular basis in order to maintain oversight and accountability.


In addition to weekly giving updates, we will hold an annual meeting for members and regular attenders to report the results of our audit and the present status of our finances.