Bible Studies

Women's Bible Studies combine a deep study of God’s Word with life-on-life relationships. The Bible Studies are designed to meet you where you are in your faith with studies appropriate for someone studying the Bible for the first time or for their lifetime. Not sure what study to take? Take advantage of our Discipleship Planner tool (keep scrolling for details)!

4 Great Reasons to Join a Study
  1. To know Jesus more
  2. To know others
  3. To be known
  4. To be changed
What to Expect

Each woman studies God’s Word on her own during the week using guided Bible study books. We gather together for large group teaching either by our Teaching Team, or a DVD teaching from a reputable, biblical teacher. We then break off into our small groups to discuss the teaching and weekly homework and apply God’s truth to our lives.

In our small groups, we invest our time in each other, fostering trust and vulnerability. We celebrate life’s victories, encourage each other in tough times, and keep ourselves accountable in personal growth. God uses all of this to know Him more intimately so that we are changed from the inside out. The more we are changed, the more we look like Jesus—God is glorified, and those around us are impacted.


Summer Bible Study

June 7–28, 2021


The Gospel of John

"Women of the Word" by Jen Wilkin


Study Details

Cost: $10 for the book (cost is free if you already own "Women in the Word" by Jen Wilkin)

Teaching: Live

Study Description

We'll gather together to study the Gospel of John through Jen Wilkin's book, "Women of the Word." Be renewed by engaging God's Word in a way that trains your mind and transforms your heart. Even if you've already ready "Women in the Word," we still encourage you to join us as we study through the Gospel of John!

Meeting Times

Meets June 7–28, 2021
Mondays • 6:30–8:00pm
Upper Classroom



Discipleship Planner

Not sure what study to take? Discover your discipleship plan!

Gain the tools necessary to grow into a spiritually mature disciple of Christ! Use our Discipleship Assessment and Discipleship Planner to help make intentional decisions when it comes to planning out your path to spiritual maturity. Take a look at the below for more information on how to begin developing your discipleship plan. 

1. Discipleship Assessment

Our free online Discipleship Assessment will rate you in six different categories of spiritual disciplines: 1) Abide in Christ; 2) Live in the Word; 3) Pray in Faith; 4) Community with Believers; 5) Witness to the World; and 6) Minister to Others. 

The score you receive in each category will place you in one of three series levels, with Series 1 being the foundational level, and Series 3 being the most advanced. These series scores will allow you to see which categories are your strengths, and  which categories show room for growth. Armed with this information, you'll be able to make intentional decisions in laying out your discipleship plan.

Take the Discipleship Assessment

Six Categories of Spiritual Discipline:

The Discipleship Assessment will rate you in the following six areas of spiritual disciplines:

2. Discipleship Planner

Once you've taken the Discipleship Assessment, use your results to populate your Discipleship Planner. This will help you see the category you should focus on, lay out your next steps for discipleship, and select which Women's Bible Study you'd like to participate in for the upcoming semester.

Download the Discipleship Planner

Three Category Series Levels:

The assessment will place you into a series level for each of the six categories listed above (For example, a score of 70 in the category of "Abide in Christ" would put you in Series 2 for that particular category). The three series levels are:

  • Series 1 (Assessment Score: 0-60) – The foundational level meant for those who are new to Christianity and/or needing to strengthen their discipleship in that particular category
  • Series 2  (Assessment Score: 61-80) – The mid-level meant for those who have a biblical foundation in that particular category, but who desire further growth and more challenging homework
  • Series 3 (Assessment Score: 81-100) – The most difficult level, requiring more time, more completed homework, additional resources, and a firm understanding of the Bible

Please note that you may not (and most likely won't) score in the same series across all six categories.

3. Bible Study Selection
Connect Your Discipleship Plan with Your Bible Study:

To further equip you in growing in these six areas of spiritual discipline, we have integrated the categories and series levels into our Bible Studies for the upcoming semester. Under each study description, you will see the categories that are focused on during each study, as well as opportunities to take those studies at the different series levels (for example, "Wife of Noble Character" is a great study for women looking to grow in the "Live in the Word" category, and can be taken as a Series 1, 2, or 3).

Each Bible study semester, our goal is to offer studies in 3 different spiritual categories. In the Fall Semester, we offer studies in the categories of Abide in Christ, Live in the Word, and Community with Believers. In the Spring Semester, we offer studies in the categories of Pray in Faith, Minister to Others, and Witness to the World.


Take the Discipleship Assessment!

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